Increased Sales. Decreased Costs.

Imagine working alongside your retail staff to ensure consistent results with every customer interaction? Ever Present Management is a technology platform that allows you to observe, coach and manage retail employees in real-time. We accomplish this through our state of the art Command Center, our customized App, Retail Analytics, and world-class onboarding training. All of which has a proven impact on increasing profitability.


This Talk More Wireless New Sales Training course will prepare you for success as a salesperson at our company. You will learn our six-step sales process, practice playing the role of the customer and salesperson, and take a deep dive into the systems you can use to make your job easier.

Manage Your Stores PROACTIVELY. Not Reactively.

Raving Fans

Using the EPM training platform has completely transformed the new hire and onboarding process for our company. We have been able to keep our training staff small, and maximize our efficiency through this platform. Best of all, we know that all of our employees are going through the training and are then able to hold them accountable and to the standards that we expect from our teams!