About Us


We are Ever Present Management (EPM)

EPM University is here to help you design courses that are specific to your business! We will build an LMS program side by side with you to ensure that we accomplish all of the goals of your business. By using an LMS through EPM you not only get a course that will get extremely high graduation rates, but you also will get higher quality new hires, more confident employees, higher retention rates, and adaptability! With EPM University you can train more employees, on more topics, FASTER!

EPM University is a powerful tool that will help you improve the way your business operates, however, EPM can do more for you! We can help you hire, train, manage, and coach your employees! We can provide business intelligence reporting, and several other valuable add ons!

Merrick McKenzie

Director of Training

Merrick is the corporate trainer for all of our projects. He is fully dedicated to onboarding and creating strategies and trainings to consistently improve our sales force.

Solange Andino DeJesus

Assistant Trainer

Solange works closely with Merrick to deliver trainings and ensure we are consistently providing the best possible trainings to our employees.

QC Team

Assistant Trainer

The QC Team is a fully dedicated team to assist and support everyone once they are in the field. The QC’s can help with all tasks and can always assist with getting you to the correct person. QC’s will also be coaching, training, and motivating the field at all times!

RSM Team

RSM Team

The RSM’s are responsible for providing live coachings to the field. They work directly with both trainers as well as the QC team to make sure attention is being paid where needed, and that everyone is being coached to maximize their abilities, and be as effective as they can be!


We can’t wait to work with you! Whether you currently have 10 locations or 10,000 locations, let us help you build a brand that empowers your employees, excites your customers and increases your sales and profits!